How It Works

Katharine and Co. is a virtual business, so we can help clients anywhere in the world. We use email, phone and Skype and you can view my calendar to schedule time to talk, or email anytime. Our mission is to help you market your business more effectively so you can focus on doing what you do best. Here's how it works. 


1. get in touch

To get started, email or call or schedule a free initial consultation appointment.  You can book a time that suits you for an informal chat.


4. the work process

Following our kick-off chat, I'll put together a proposal, with milestones for longer projects if needed. Once you're happy with the plan we'll get started. You can also choose how and how often we keep in touch with you on progress.


2. Initial consultation

If you already know what you need, that's great, we'll get started. If you're not so sure, I'll help you figure out your business pain points and the most effective action.


5. meeting expectations

When working with a new client, we like to check in with you at an early stage to make sure you're happy. As we get to know you better, this becomes less necessary, but we'll always make sure we're on the same page as soon as possible.


3. How you can use us

You can pick and choose the services you need - no task is too big or too small and there's no commitment or minimum requirement. We work on an ad-hoc basis for one-off projects, or can schedule daily, weekly or monthly tasks.


6. invoicing & payment

Itemised invoices are emailed weekly and are due on receipt within 48 hours. We use a time-tracking system so you only pay for the precise amount of time taken to do a particular task. Additional costs (like advertising budgets), will either be added or invoiced separately depending on the task. Payment can be made via bank transfer, Paym or Paypal.