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I'm not sure exactly what i need?

That's ok, often we know something's not quite right or could be better, but don't know quite how to fix or improve it and that's where I can help. Schedule a free consultation and we'll delve into your business pain points and I can advise on a plan of action. You might decide go full speed ahead or just implement a few ideas at first and that's fine. There's no obligation so if you choose not to engage our services at the very least you'll get some helpful action points to take away.

is the free consultation really free?

Absolutely! I block thirty minute appointments for an initial consultation with me via phone or Skype. This is offered for free and without any obligation. It's a chance for me to understand your business, your goals and ascertain how we can best  help you. It's also an opportunity to see if we're a good match - it may be that we're not - hey it happens, and that's important to establish early on as we'll become an extension of your team and you'll want to know that we're on the same page and can work well together.

what services do you offer ?

We can provide any service to do with marketing your business. For a more complete list see the Services + Pricing page, but it's not an exhaustive list, so if you can't see what you're looking for please ask. I work with a collective of talented freelancers which enables me to provide a high level of expertise across a wide range of marketing. Some services, translation for example, are provided by other freelancers whose work I know and trust.

What does it cost?

The majority of services are provided at £40/hour which is approximately half the cost of a marketing agency. We charge by the minute so you're only paying for exactly what you use. Both myself and other freelancers also work within creative agencies so for that you get agency level skills and experience - just with a smaller price tag. Some services including advanced strategy and complex web design are charged at a slightly higher rate.

I just want one small thing doing, is that ok?

Yes, of course. We offer a pick and mix service so you can dip in and out whenever it suits you. Just need some email templates, the occasional blog post or some web content? No problem. This would be considered an ad hoc project. 

my issue is not having enough time!

We know the feeling! When your to-do list is longer instead of shorter at the end of the day, it's time to delegate some tasks out! We can schedule jobs to be done on a regular repeated basis so you don't even have to think about them - e.g. posting to your social media accounts, checking and tweaking your Adwords, updating your blog, designing and sending your weekly emailer, ensuring clients are happy.   

I need some holiday cover, can you help?

We all need a break from time to time to renew and re-energise, but as an a small business owner you can never really switch off. We can take on tasks while you're away, helping you relax a little more knowing customers and your business are being looked after and your marketing is still working to generate new business on your return, while you're enjoying some much needed downtime.

i don't like doing [insert your nightmare task]

Yep, we all have jobs we loathe doing! And it's often these tasks that we procrastinate over, so not only are they not enjoyable but they cost valuable time too. Oftentimes we don't like doing them because we aren't very good at them or they bore us to tears so don't put them off - delegate them. How much lighter would you feel knowing you won't have to do that task and think how much other stuff you could get done that you do enjoy doing - or take an afternoon off!

I don't know how to do [insert impossible task].

I hear you - we can't all be experts in everything. Sometimes if you want a job done right it's actually not better to do it yourself - it's much smarter to give it to someone who can do it more expertly and much faster than you. It saves both money and time in the long-run and a whole lot of heartache. We have a collective team of experts in everything from Adwords to CRM set-up and we're here for you to fill in a skills or knowledge gap, so you don't have to spend precious time Googling how to do x, y or z only to do a mediocre job.

I need some help with a peak season coming up?

Christmas, wedding season, harvest-time? It's a rare thing to have a business without peaks and troughs, so if like most entrepreneurs you have at least one peak season, we can step in with an extra pair of hands to pick up the tasks that get left behind or keep you up until the early hours during busy periods. Also applicable for new product launches or any other time you need some back-up, just ask us to step in.

how do you keep track of hours?

We use a time-tracking system which records the time spent on a task. It calculates the cost to the minute so you are only paying for the time taken to do a particular task. This is really helpful in seeing how your marketing budget is working for you. Additional costs e.g. if you have set a budget of £40 a week to spend on advertising, will be added to your invoice.

how does invoicing and payment work?

Invoices are emailed weekly and include the detail from the time-tracker (see 'how do you keep track of hours' above),  so you can see at a glance how much a task has cost. Payment can be made by bank transfer, Paym or via the Paypal link on the invoice. Payment is required on receipt  of receiving the invoice (within 24 hours).

can you take my business to the next level?

Absolutely. When we work with clients we become an extension of your team and care very much about your business and its success. We will always offer helpful suggestions and advice for what you can do to effectively market your business - as standard (we can't help ourselves!). Should you want to take a bolder approach, we can provide full marketing strategy and development consultancy to take your business to the next level . When you're ready just ask. 

when can you start?

If you would like to get started with Katharine & Co simply schedule the free initial consultation appointment to discuss your individual requirements and a start date. We'd love to welcome you on-board!